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The methods of radiation on the reduction of laser cutting machine.

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1 protection of laser cutting machine radiating device
Laser protective glasses can protect the laser cutting machine is a typical radiation equipment. According to its working principle can be divided into reflective, absorption, diffraction type and composite type programs.
2 self protection can also deal with laser cutting machine radiation
Radiation laser cutting machine operator can eat some food to resist the laser cutting machine, such as carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver, and so rich in vitamin AC and protein foods. Because these foods can help us to protect the eyes, so as to achieve the effect against radiation.
The 3 body of the laser cutting machine to avoid
If you can try to stay away from the laser cutting machine is to stay away from it. If the CNC cutting function instead of laser cutting machine to complete the work, the use of CNC cutting machine. Although the laser cutting machine efficiency is higher, but the long-term use of relatively large harm to human body, so it is still more the use of CNC cutting machine.
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