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The industry of operation of laser cutting equipment requirements

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The cutting quality of laser cutting machine: laser cutting kerf narrow, can save raw materials, cutting seam good verticality, surface finish. No subsequent re machining and cleaning can be used for forming and welding; cutting edge burr, no mechanical stress. Small heat affected zone, no deformation; laser cutting depth to width ratio. For the metal material is 20:1 or so, to the non-metallic materials can reach more than 100:1.

Cutting process: laser cutting speed. Low noise. No pollution; no "tool" wear problem in the process of cutting, is suitable for all materials;

Although the small power laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine but because belong to the same category, is also a laser radiation, laser, how to reduce the harm of radiation on the human body;

Life: laser cutting machine operators should pay attention to appropriate eating some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver, rich in vitamin AC and protein foods, the body if there is adequate levels of health. Often drink Green Tea etc.. Because these foods can help humans better protect your eyes, let the body to cutting machine radiation in laser conditions, better maintenance of human body.

Work: when the operation of the laser cutting machine, be sure to wear protective glasses, can minimize the damage of the laser glasses. According to the principle of protection can be divided into reflection, diffraction and absorption type, composite type programs, of course, will filter protection according to the laser radiation wavelength of laser cutting machine, laser on human maintenance to laser cutting machine, which is the market is more safe and convenient laser cutting machine protective equipment.
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