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Through what we view the development of laser cutting machine

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A similar development process of China's CNC laser cutting machine and other CNC metal forming machine tool. Start early, experienced the arduous exploration for nearly 10 years, nearly 10 years of rapid development, finally formed a mature product and its production enterprise group with independent intellectual property rights. High-end products, marking China's CNC laser cutting machine in the mainstream products in the international status, the formation of production enterprise groups on behalf of our country in the field of the overall strength.

In twentieth Century 80 time metaphase, Ministry of machinery industry Ji'nan foundry Metalforming Machinery Research Institute successfully developed the first domestic CNC laser cutting machine, the realization of China's cutting field zero breakthrough in laser. At the same time, China's development of a laser generator, optical system, CNC system have made breakthrough progress, appeared the gratifying situation do many things at once technical level.

CNC laser cutting machine is a metal forming equipment is developing rapidly in the past 10 years, compared with the numerical control turret punch press, the processing flexibility and adaptability is better, and can process sheet metal can also be processed non metal plate. Only the sheet metal processing, with laser cutting technology can not only save expensive tooling costs, and to shorten the processing cycle, cutting is therefore particularly suitable for single and small batch production and large-scale plate parts. In addition, the optimization can be realized conveniently cutting parts and a variety of complex parts through the programming of numerical control laser cutting machine discharging, difficult to replace the apparent advantage in this field but also in other metal processing equipment.

China CNC machine tool exhibition is a big stage review of various types of CNC machine tools, can not only see the international development trend of CNC machine tools, can see the progress of technology of NC machine tool in china. In recent years, with the development and progress of metal forming machine in our country are impressive, the rapid development of the process of numerical control laser cutting machine more gratifying. Of course, we must admit that, after all, our country in the field of a late start, in the core technology, manufacturing, software development, functional parts and products of fine degree and other aspects and the international first-class product comparison there is a considerable gap, this is our future direction.
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