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"Green laser cutting machine" demand hitherto unknown opportunity attack

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According to the previous market, focus on the development of intelligent transformation of laser cutting machine in the future to high efficiency, low energy consumption. Especially for the traditional metal processing machinery, in the use of process energy consumption not only, still can produce waste, will have a direct impact on the working environment and the natural environment. As for green processing of laser cutting machine, will change the future of this pattern.

At present, the domestic and foreign enterprises will be green processing machinery as the focus of development. According to the EU's description, green processing machinery in the future of its main parts will be manufactured from renewable materials; reduce the weight and volume of more than 50%; by reducing the mass of the moving parts, reducing idle power and other measures to reduce the power consumption of 30% ~ 40%; the use of various process waste reduced by 50% ~ 60%, the guarantee of basic no pollution of the work environment machine tools; scrap materials close to 100% recovery.

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The development of manufacturing industry is facing the rigid constraints of resources and environment, APEC blue "is shut down tens of thousands of enterprises and the construction site, several million cars off the road to bring. Under the rigid constraints to the development of manufacturing industry, green machining laser cutting machine is an inevitable trend of development, the inevitable requirement.

Laser cutting machine processing pollution-free environment-friendly processing equipment is recognized, the light energy conversion is by laser cutting, harmful gas emissions, not in the processing process and smoke, therefore does not need the special configuration of the dedusting system. So, in many of the processing machinery, belonging to the processing equipment is the most "green".
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