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The characteristics of the new type laser in different types of industry

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There are a lot of metal laser cutting machine types, there are classified according to working principle of operation, classification according to the high school low power, as well as cutting plate thickness and velocity index classification, according to the characteristics of different types of industry, here we mainly to understand the new types of Di intelligent metal laser cutting machine, now the new types of laser cutting machine in the industrial application of the most extensive and most popular.

Laser has the advantages in the application of low output of the power range. It can take the basic model convenient to generate continuous beam, and relatively easy to achieve superior beam quality. Thin sheet metal of the laser can be very good welding and cutting requirements of fine contour. In cutting, the performance of the most prominent laser cutting machine now in sheet metal processing is "top master", fast processing speed, good cutting quality has the advantage of well known.

Laser cutting machine laser application in steel structure industry cutting machine can complete all kinds of metal material cutting, wide scope of application, high machining quality. Steel structure refers to the structure form and can carry and transfer loads are connected by a connector section steel plate and hot rolling, cold bending or welding. Steel structure has the advantages of light weight, the factory manufacture, quick installation, short construction period, good seismic performance, investment recovery faster, less environmental pollution comprehensive advantage.

Intelligent metal laser cutting machine is a sheet metal part cutting must have a tool of production equipment, through the use of the enterprise feedback, this type of equipment can be quickly processing task is completed, the production efficiency is greatly improved, artificial, material saving, cutting and flawless, perfect and fast, many manufacturers preferred.
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