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What is the reason for marking machine market competition increasingly fierce

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Industry quietly has developed for nearly 50 years, from the beginning of mass are not familiar with, do not understand now, to gradually replace the traditional process, add new models, has realized the leap type development. But another phenomenon is the laser marking machine enterprise in is springing up in the market, the market marking machine brands and models are becoming diversified. So that customers will goods than three, compared to the time of purchase. Is mainly to compare prices, quality etc.. Market demand is larger, but the supply is also larger. So the laser marking machine is the competition is growing. This will also give a lot of business problems. Enterprises have to survive in the fierce competition in the. The competition is mainly from what aspects?

First, the scope of application is becoming more and more widely, secretly possess the traditional process of market share. But the traditional things are not completely disappeared, there is a reasonable, the traditional processing techniques have their unique advantages. Favorable traditional rivals of the laser marking machine is the ink jet ink-jet processing, processing advantage is suitable for processing the small quantity and particularly exquisite works of art. But the laser marking machine is some big batch processing products. Work on the assembly line. So the laser marking machine to replace the traditional ink must improve their technology, to better their own, can adapt to various processing requirements.

Two, increase brand manufacturers, more models, increase machine. Customers more choices. The competition will become large, want to in these "more" to excel in it must have its own advantage. So upgrade technology, research and development of new machine. To improve the performance to price ratio. In order to attract customers. To improve the competitiveness.

Three, the impact of imported equipment of our country market, there are a lot of the concept of customer is: foreigners equipment is good, but the present situation is not certain, because the core technology of domestic equipment is mostly imported technology at the technical level, so no big difference, and domestic equipment high price than imported equipment is not the slightest bit. And after-sales service is also in time. So everyone in the choice of when, want to understand all aspects of.
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