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How to maintain the laser equipment

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Laser processing is a rapid development of special processing technology, it has the advantages of high precision, high speed and high adaptability, and also has the advantages of narrow slit processing, good flexibility, small heat affected zone. Has become the development of China's emerging industries, one of the key technologies to improve the traditional manufacturing industry.

How to play the efficacy of laser cutting machine equipment, maximum improve work efficiency, see below Han laser is how to teach users to do laser cutting equipment maintenance work.

How to maintain the laser equipment

A. once a week with a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust and dirt inside the machine, all electrical cabinet should be tightly closed dust.

The straightness and verticality machine B. every six months to check the track, found abnormal timely maintenance and debugging. Without doing this, there may be cut out of the effect is not how good, the error will increase, affecting the cutting quality. This is the priority among priorities, must do.

C. the guide should be cleaned regularly, eliminate dust, ensure the equipment normal rack to regular cleaning, lubricating oil, ensure the lubrication and no debris. Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, there is the motor will often for cleaning and lubricating oil, the machine will in the road to better positioning, cutting more accurate, product quality will improve the cutting out.

D. double focus laser cutting head is laser cutting machine on the fragile items, long-term use, resulting in laser cutting head damage.

E. often check the laser cutting machine of steel strip, must ensure the tension. Or in the operation of a problem, will probably hurt people, serious still can cause death. Strip the seemingly small things, a problem or a bit serious.

Summary: in short, to regularly check repair. As a result of deformation or other form, then you should know that laser cutting head has a little damaged, replace it. No replacement will influence the cutting quality, increase the cost, some products may continue for two processing, reduce the production efficiency. Laser cutting head to look for professional manufacturers, purchase time to carefully check the time, lest use problems.
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