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Influence of laser cutting processing cost solution

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In the choice of metal laser cutting machine, first of all, we should pay attention to the brand selection, because the market of metal laser cutting machine brand type are many, the quality of enterprises are completely different, and we should choose the brand, first of all to have the production quality, product quality and security.

And it is a professional R & D and production of metal laser cutting machine companies, because these enterprises with advanced technology, the production of products from both the service life and performance, than a small brand enterprises more quality. Metal laser cutting machine next big brand, its credibility is very high, once appeared in the use of any problem, the user can enjoy a good after sale service.

Laser cutting machine equipment introduction and classification

At present the market laser cutting equipment mainly has three kinds, YAG laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine of optical fiber:
1, YAG laser cutting machine. Has the characteristics of low price, good stability of the laser cutting equipment is mainly used for cutting, punching, welding and sheet. The low efficiency, the current output in the following 1000W, not cutting non-metallic materials, maintenance cost.

2, CO2 laser cutting equipment. Can cut thicker sheet metal material, also has a very good effect on non cutting metal materials. But the photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, large equipment, high maintenance cost.

3, the fiber laser cutting machine. Through the optical fiber transmission, high degree of flexibility, fast speed, few fault points, low maintenance cost, convenient maintenance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, has the very big price advantage in the system matching, is mainly used for cutting sheet metal is less than 20mm. The laser beam is not easily absorbed high reflective material, reflective material of high cutting effect is not very ideal, not cutting nonmetallic materials.
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