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Attention points of laser cutting machine daily safety protection

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With the rapid development of laser technology, laser cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine and laser cutting machine products also obtained the widespread application, especially CNC laser cutting machine is with cutting speed fast, small slot and so on advantages and much people of all ages. However, in the practical application of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine safety precautions are necessary, what are the points to note that laser cutting machine safety protection? Below by laser cutting machine manufacturers we introduce.

1, laser: when playing center, attention must be paid to ensure hand and then polish; adjustment in the external light path must ensure that the optical range don't stand, operators should also pay attention to ensure the dimming light won't hit people re lighting, lighting power and time should be controlled to the reasonable range (between playing center power general again 50 to 100W light control at time 0.1 to 0.3S; adjustable external optical path when the optical power control in general between 100 to 300W light control at time 0.3 to 0.5S), the outer optical path adjustment well must first of all a protective cover installed and then cutting. Ventilation when the pressure first off, changing the gas immediately after the close mixing cylinders and laser laser electric door door, do not open, do not use hand touch the inside line and electronic components.

2, exchange workbench: try not to use the automatic exchange, exchange to ensure no standing inside, cutting head has been raised, if the exchange process to meet any emergency stop immediately exchange or take off the emergency stop.

3, fire: cutting to oxygen cutting machine, cutting machine, smoking should be banned in the region, especially near the oxygen bottle place, to prevent hidden trouble cause unnecessary damage.
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