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Laser laser quality affects the rate of finished product

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Laser is one of the most important inventions of the twentieth Century, because of its high monochromaticity, coherence and parallelism, laser cutting machine is particularly suitable for material processing, the main reason today Di laser Xiaobian to talk about restricting the development of laser processing technology in china.

As a widely used in areas such as mechanical processing of laser cutting machine, to improve product quality, improve labor productivity, reduce processing costs, reduce material consumption plays a more and more important role. With the development of high power fiber laser optical fiber transmission in the market, and constantly improve the positioning accuracy of industrial robots, laser cutting using industrial robots, is a major focus of robot application field and current field of laser cutting.

Not only has the robot flexible laser cutting machine, and has the characteristics of flexible high cutting speed, laser cutting fast, good quality, narrow kerf and other advantages, is good to meet the requirements of the development of modern manufacturing industry. In the Android market continued to rise in the background, as an essential part of the robot in the manufacturing process of laser cutting market is promising, and join the laser cutting robot this combination of innovation, domestic laser cutting a road winning rise.

Laser quality. Laser is the key component in the laser machining process, the output parameters such as laser power, laser beam quality, stability, the reliability of the device are affects the yield and benefit of laser processing, therefore the development and improvement of detection technology, improving the beam quality of laser processing application is first to solve technical problems.
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