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Laser marking machine and the common problems and Solutions

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Fault 1: laser intensity decreased, mark is not clear
The laser cavity resonator mirror trimming whether changes. The best output facula;
The acousto-optic crystal offset or acousto optical power output energy is low; the adjustment of acousto-optic crystal position or increase acousto optic power working current;
The laser entering the galvanometer off center: adjusting the laser;
If the current to about 20A still photographic strong enough: krypton lamp aging, the replacement of the new lamp.
Fault 2: krypton lamp can trigger (refer to the NTP power supply using manual)
Power supply check all connections;
The high pressure krypton lamp aging, replacing the krypton lamp.
The operation of laser marking machine and the matters needing attention
Firstly, it is forbidden to start the laser power and adjustable Q power supply anhydrous or water circulation under abnormal conditions;
II does not allow Q power supply circuit work (i.e., adjustable Q power supply output end is suspended);
The abnormal phenomenon, close the galvanometer switch and the key switch first, then check;
It is not allowed to start other components in the krypton lamp lit before, to prevent the high pressure from entering damaged components;
Considering the laser power output terminal (anode) hanging in the air, to prevent and other electrical sparkle, breakdown;
Maintains the inner circulating water clean. Regular cleaning tank and clean deionized water or pure water.
And the replacement of using a krypton lamp
Closed water cooling machine, laser power supply.
Open the upper three block cavity cover, remove the lamp or the crystal to change, after changing into, mounted on the chamber cover.
Boiling water cooler, laser power, laser power supply current (15~20) to about A. Put 1 small pieces of wood or black paper between the front diaphragm and a beam expander, should see a light spot formed by laser ablation. If not, a slight adjustment three knob before diaphragm frame, until the facula.
Laser debugging after coming out, the adjustment should be repeated three knob before diaphragm frame makes the strongest such as laser facula, too strong, too bright to observe, can reduce the supply current.
Turn off the laser power supply.
Special note: replace the krypton lamp time.
The krypton lamp laser krypton lamp factory that the service life of 300 hours, but because the user use conditions are different, the time and can not serve as the sole basis for replacing the krypton lamp. With the increased use of time, decrease the luminous efficiency of krypton lamp, the laser output also decreased, many users in order to obtain the laser output enough, will increase the current of the laser power, the krypton lamp luminescence enhancement, which makes the krypton lamp aging speed, forming a vicious spiral, sometimes causing the lamp explosion phenomenon. In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, we recommend that users according to the following method to decide whether we should replace the krypton lamp.
When put on a new krypton lamp, laser power supply current meter records of values under normal marking, as the standard current value.
When krypton lamp aging, increase the current output laser power, but the current table 1.25 times value should not exceed the standard current value.
For example: the new krypton lamp when marking the current value is 20A, after a period of time, if the current value adjusted to 22.5A still can not normal marking, replace the krypton lamp.
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