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"Laser" can produce high temperature how many degrees?

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Laser (laser) refers to produce light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, is a high quality light source.
Laser characteristics: 1 good direction 2 good monochromaticity 3 energy concentration 4 good coherence

Effect of laser bio tissue:
The 1 photo thermal effect of 2 photochemical effect 3 electromagnetic effect 4 pressure effect
Biological tissue: 1 laser of high power laser coagulation, coagulation, vaporization of 2 low power laser irradiation

3 "knife" fine segmentation

Laser is a kind of nature, which was not there, and issued with good directivity, high brightness, good monochromaticity and coherence good characteristics such as light as stimulated. The proposed mechanism of laser generated physicist traceability to 1917 Einstein explained the blackbody radiation law when the hypothesis, that is, light absorption and emission can be stimulated absorption, stimulated emission and spontaneous emission by three basic process. As is known to all, any kind of light and material inside the particle's motion related. When in a low energy level particles (atoms, molecules or ions) absorption of the appropriate frequency external energy (light) is excited and the transition to a higher energy level corresponding to the upper (stimulated absorption), always trying to transition to a lower level, and the excess energy in the form of photons released. If the light is emitted spontaneously in the absence of external photon under (spontaneous emission), at this time the light was released for ordinary light (such as a lamp, neon lamp etc.), its characteristic is the frequency magnitude, direction and pace of light are not consistent. But if it is in the foreign direct photon induced by high energy level to low energy level transition when the excess energy in the form of photons (released by stimulated emission of radiation), photons were released with the incident photon alien in frequency, phase, transmission directions are completely consistent, this means that the external light has been strengthened, we call the light amplification. Obviously, if by stimulated absorption, so that in the high level of the ratio of number of particles in the low-energy more (particle number inversion), amplification phenomenon of this kind of light is more obvious, then it is possible to form the laser.

The laser is known as the magical light, because it has four big characteristics of ordinary light completely does not have.

1 good direction -- the ordinary light source (sun, incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp) in all directions and emitting direction of the laser light, can be limited to less than a few mrad solid angle, which makes the irradiation direction illumination increased million times. Laser collimation, guide and ranging is to use the good direction this characteristic.

2 high brightness laser is the brightest lights contemporary, only the hydrogen bomb explosion moments of intense flash to quasi compared with it. The sun light brightness is about 103 watts / (cm 2 steradian), while the output brightness of a high-power lasers by the sun high 7 ~ 14 orders of magnitude. Thus, although the total energy of the laser is not necessarily large, but because the energy is highly concentrated, easily in a micro dots generated at high pressure and tens of thousands or even millions of degrees Celsius degrees celsius. Laser drilling, cutting, welding and laser surgery is the use of this characteristic.

3 good monochromaticity -- light is an electromagnetic wave. The color of the light depends on its wavelength. Ordinary light emitted by the light source is usually contains various wavelengths, is a mixture of various colors of light. The sun contains red, Deng, yellow, green, blue, purple seven colors of the visible light and infrared light and ultraviolet invisible light. While a laser wavelength, only focused on a very narrow spectral band or frequency range. As helium neon laser with wavelength 632.8 nm wavelength, the variation range of less than 1/10000 nm. The monochromatic laser, precision instrument for measurement and incentive certain chemical reactions and other scientific experiments provided very favorable means.

4 good coherence -- interference is a property of the wave phenomenon. The characteristics of high directivity and high monochromatic laser is based on, it is bound to the coherence of excellent. The characteristics of laser holography to become a reality to. The so-called laser technology, generic method is exploring the development of all kinds of laser produced and to explore the application of laser to these characteristics of the technology for the benefit of mankind. Since 1960 the United States successfully developed the world's first ruby laser, since China has successfully developed the first domestic ruby laser in 1961, the laser technology is considered to be in twentieth Century following the quantum physics, radio technology, atomic energy technology, semiconductor technology and electronic computing new achievement of another major science and technology after the machine. Over the past 30 years, the development of laser technology has make a spurt of progress, not only developed a variety of laser various characteristics of diversity, and laser applications continue to expand, and formed a laser disc player, laser medical treatment, laser processing, laser holography, laser photo typesetting printing, laser printing, laser weapon and a series of new industries. The rapid development of laser technology, make it become one of the leading technology "new technology".

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